Facts, Factoids, Rumors #16

Posted: October 15, 2011 in AVC Men's BB 2011-12, D-1 Interest, Recruitment

Its been a long hot summer/fall.  Lots of hard work.  Time to take a deep breath.  The guys will have a three day weekend off from BB to heal the tweaks, study, and work on their jobs.  Hard working team.   

Dwan reboundThere has been a dramatic physical change in two AVC players in the last 3 months due the weight room and cardio routines;

Dwanreggie8 Caldwell has lost 25 pounds and now is a svelte 6’8”, 240.  What a difference it makes in jumping and quickness. 

Reggie Murphy has dropped to 6’9”, 255 and is starting to look cut.

D-1 bodies.

washinDTwo freshman players who took last year off from basketball have have seen their physical and basketball skill sets improve rapidly in the last several month; 

John Washington 6’7”, 195.  He had a year off to heal anTerrence Berry injury and it took him several months to get back into playing shape.  The timing is back and he is athletic!

Terrance Berry, 6’3”, 180 has been a very pleasant surprise.  Great leaper and shooter.  He is a player.

LarryD2Packages arrived from Iona University for freshmen Mikemike7 Scott, 6’2”, 180 and Larry Slaughter, 6’7”, 215. 




More info for Jason JJ Johnson from Utah Valley University.  jason5

Jason ready to head out for an official visit to the University of Idaho next weekend.  



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