Kyisean’s Loss–AVC 73 SBV 83

Posted: January 20, 2011 in AVC Men's Basketball, conference, Player

You could see it coming.  Over the last couple of months, Kyisean kept breaking the rules leading to a couple slaps on the wrist.  Finally Coach Taylor had enough and was forced into suspending him from playing one of the most most important games of the season.  The player that Kyisean was to guard, Aaron Moore , poured in 24 points and pulled down 7 rebounds.  Would not have happened with a motivated Kyisean Reed playing.

The rest of the team for AVC played their hearts out and led with 4 minutes left in the game.  Three charging fouls against AVC and couple of unguarded three’s from SBV wrapped up the game.  It will be key to the rest of the season to see how Reed reacts to a loss that can be placed directly on his shoulders.  Time to man up.

The following is AV Press’s  take on the game.

AVC comes up just short in tough defeat

By: Eric Harding

LANCASTER – The Marauders were right there.

Playing at home in a game they desperately needed to stay near the top in the Foothill Conference title race, the Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team lost its edge at the worst time.

With the score tied with four minutes remaining, San Bernardino Valley College went on an 8-0 run and cruised late to an 83-73 victory over the Marauders on Wednesday night at Marauder Gym.

The loss drops AVC to 2-3 in Foothill Conference play (13-6 overall), and three games behind SBVC (11-8, 5-0) in the league standings. It was also the Marauders’ third consecutive home defeat to begin the conference season.

"We knew what this game meant," AVC center George McGrew said. "If we beat (SBVC) we’re still in the (conference title) race. We wanted to play hard."

There was no questioning the Marauders’ effort and energy level on Wednesday, even playing without leading scorer Kyisean Reed, who wasn’t able to dress due to violating team rules.

Instead, AVC went with a small, quicker lineup that worked for about 36 of the game’s 40 minutes.

But as the Wolverines made big shots late, the Marauders lost touch with what was working for them the entire game up until that point.

McGrew’s baseline drive and finish while being fouled tied the score at 63-63 with four minutes remaining, but SBVC took off from there.

David Rawlinson’s 3-pointer put the Wolverines ahead by three, and after AVC’s Jason Johnson missed a three from the wing, SBVC came right back with a quick triple by their leading scorer Keon Pledger to extend the lead to 69-63 with 2:52 left.

Pledger gathered a rebound after another Marauder miss moments later and drove the length of the floor to finish a layup and make it 71-63. McGrew was whistled for an offensive foul at the other with 2:20 to go, and AVC couldn’t recover.

"The 3-pointers killed us at the end," said McGrew, who finished with 14 point and nine rebounds. "They kind of distracted us. We thought the game was over."

AVC coach John Taylor saw it the same way, and knows the game was much closer than the final score indicated.

"Those two 3s, more so than the points, hurt us mentally," Taylor said. "It took the wind out of our sails.

"We’ve got to find a way to win games against quality opponents. We need a good ‘W’ to help us."

Johnson led AVC with 21 points, connecting on 4 of 8 3-pointers, while Nick Bennett finished with 13 points and Shelton Boykin added 11.

Although the Marauders were certainly capable of winning without Reed on Wednesday, Taylor acknowledged it made things much more difficult not having him, even though he believes it’s for the good of the program.

"Of course you want to be at full strength, but these things happen unfortunately," Taylor said. "The team always has to come first."

Without the team’s second-leader rebounder next to him, McGrew may have suffered the most due to Reed’s absence, even though the Marauders still out-rebounded SBVC 33-31.

"Yeah, I had to do more," McGrew said. "I know what (Reed) can do.

"It’s tough because we’re like twin towers. We probably missed him."

AVC took a six point lead into halftime after closing out the first half with a surge.

Bennett got it started with a driving floater to put the Marauders ahead by two, and Johnson’s steal and layup pushed the advantage to 31-27 with 1:30 left in the half.

A basket by Charles Cole followed by Johnson’s layup in transition put AVC ahead 35-29 at halftime.

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    Key realizes his frist requirements as a STUDENT/ATHLETE is to his school via his EDUCATION.

    His coach, obviously, does not share the same. Thank you.

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