Antelope Valley College played well enough to win its first two games in it’s conference schedule.  One game at home and one game on the road.  Now however, the real work begins.  AVC takes on #12 SoCal ranked,  Victory Valley College, tomorrow at AVC.  Victor Valley has already beaten AVC once this year…76-74…in the pre-conference Cuyamaca Tournament.

AVC has a 12-10 record in comparison to Victor Valley’s 11-7.  AVC has out scored VV 78.6 verses 72.7 ppg.  Victor Valley has out shot AVC from beyond the arc 34.6% verses 31.5% for AVC.  Also, Victor Valley has 14.4 assists per game verses  AVC’s 12.7.  AVC has out rebounded VV 38.4 verses 36.6.

Based on statistics, AVC and Victor Valley are very equal teams in nearly all areas.  To win this game and get their revenge against Victor Valley, AVC is going to have continue to dominate the rebounding, shut down VV open 3 point shots and take only good shots to improved their own shooting percentage.

Osi Nwachukwa, leading rebounder/second leading scorer for AVC, is again questionable for this game based on his foot injury.

Another big crowd at the Antelope Valley College Gym would give them the exuberance they need  to stay undefeated in their conference run.  Massey Ratings predicts that AVC will win by 9.5 points.



Last year when I wrote about this game on the road against LA Valley, AVC lost and it ultimately led to their inability to win the conference championship.  Sure,  AVC still went to their second straight State Tournament but the team remembered last year’s loss.

Things didn’t look good this year as Osi Nwachukwa one of AVC’s top players was injured and could not play and the Marauders started the game ice cold.  Instead of giving up,  the AVC team kept playing hard including shut down defense causing 24 turn overs by LA Valley.  Four AVC players shared the scoring, defense and rebounding;

  1. Julian Payton
  2. Angelo Solis
  3. D’Mauria Jones
  4. Gregory Floyd

To go far this year, this team is going to have to play solid team basketball every night like last night.

Dee JonesGreg Floyd shot

AVC Basketball Men

AVC Basketball Men

Angelo Solis

Antelope Valley Press

AVC 65, L.A. Valley 58

VALLEY GLEN – The Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team defeated L.A. Valley 65-58 on Wednesday in a Western State Conference game at L.A. Valley College.
The Marauders (12-10, 2-0) improved to 2-0 to start conference play by hitting three 3-pointers in the final minutes, all coming late in the shot clock.

Julian Payton led AVC with 13 points and hit two of the late 3-pointers. Surako Follings hit his 3 with one minute and 30 seconds remaining in the game.  Angelo Solis also finished with 13 for the Marauders, D’Mauria Jones had 11 points, 10 rebounds and five assists and Gregory Floyd added 11 points and six rebounds.

“We definitely escaped tonight,” AVC coach John Taylor said. “We did a good job forcing turnovers.”  L.A. Valley had 24 turnovers, while AVC committed 14 turnovers.  “We just didn’t do a good job shooting tonight,” Taylor said.

AVC will host Victory Valley on Saturday at 7 p.m.

AVC lost Osi Nwachukwa, 6’4″, 215 starter for tonight’s game as he dropped a weight on his foot in the AVC weigh room.  The team’s leading rebounder and second highest scorer is unsure how many games he will be out with this injury.

Osi Shot

Any conference road game is tough for any team and it gets that much harder when you second top scorer and top rebounders gets injured in practice.  AVC headed out on the road tonight against LA Valley College.  They pulled out a tough game 65-58.  AVC was lead by two freshmen Angelo Solis and Julian Payton both put in 13 points in the game.  D’Mauria Jones  put in 11 points as well.  More info as data comes in.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 7 p.m. AVC at Los Angeles Valley 

For me, bad losses stick with my memory lots longer than big wins.   Maybe that’s because I always expect the team to play their hardest and best every game.

Last year, AVC lost their conference championship early in the season by losing to LA Valley College in a game at LA Valley.  AVC stumbled around  that whole game.  Nothing would please LA Valley more than to do that again this year.

Lets take a look at the two teams this year;

  1. AVC 11-10  verses LA Valley  5-12
  2. AVC scoring 79.3 ppg verses LA Valley 64.3
  3. AVC giving up 67.7 ppg verses LA Valley  74.8
  4. AVC rebounding 38.3 verses LA Valley 39.2
  5. LA Valley has upset two ranked teams in their last four games, #9 San Diego Miramar and #11 Bakersfield.

To win this game on the road, AVC is going to have play solid defense both keeping LA Valley  out of the middle and to NOT give up open 3 point shots.  Add to that, LA Valley has out rebounded AVC this year and so AVC is going to have to step up and do the dirty work.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see D’Mauria Jones double or triple teamed again.  Jones needs to then become the “Kobe Facilitator” and his teammates will pound the ball into basket until the double team is pulled and he can take back his scoring duties.

Massey Ranking gives AVC a 9.5 point advantage on this game.




When you score 30+ points, rip down eight rebound and get the rest of your starters involved to all score double figures and dominate the boards like Dee Jones yesterday, basketball is an easy game.

The first 10 minutes of the game didn’t look like it was going to be that kind of game.  Barstow was hitting all of it shots and AVC dropped down by nine points.  Then AVC turned its energy up and the game become easy.

AVC Basketball Men

Expect every game coming up to have Dee Jones double or triple teamed.  No big problem with that if he shares the ball for easy layups and wide open threes like he did in this game.  The double and triple teams on him just disappear.

By: Alex Vejar…Antelope Valley Press

LANCASTER – The Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team dominated in second shots, leading to a 107-81 win over the Barstow Vikings at AVC in the Western State East Conference opener for both teams.\

The Marauders (11-10, 1-0 WSE) outscored the Vikings (7-11, 0-1 WSE) 27-8 in second-chance points, helping AVC win just its second of its six previous games.  “I think we’re a little more athletic than they are,” Marauders head coach John Taylor said. “They have a lot of foreign players and its a different style of basketball. But I thought, considering that we had lost four out of our last five games, I commend our guys for coming out and putting together a good effort.”

D’Mauria Jones scored a game-high 31 points and had eight rebounds and four assists, while Gregory Floyd Jr. tallied 19 points and Osi Nwachukwu added 16 points and two blocks.  “Obviously (Jones) is a special player,” Taylor said. “He does some good things out there, not only for himself, but for others. When he’s sharing the ball like that and making plays, we’re a pretty tough team to beat.”

Will Pierce scored 21, leading Barstow. Paul Vilela added 17 for the Vikings.  The Marauders took their biggest lead of 29 after Floyd made a 3-pointer with about two and a half minutes remaining in the game.  AVC took an 18-point lead early in the second half, but the Vikings pulled within 65-56 with 14:45 remaining in the game. Jones’ steal and one-handed transition dunk gave the Marauders a 73-58 lead.  Barstow closed the gap again with about 10 minutes remaining, but AVC answered again, this time with a 6-0 run to take an 83-68 lead.

The Marauders trailed by nine points early in the first half, but pulled within 23-20 after a 3-pointer. Floyd gave AVC a 30-26 lead with a put-back layup with about eight minutes remaining in the first half.

The Vikings tied the game at 30. AVC, however, went on 20-5 run that culminated with Jones making a 3-pointer with less than two minutes left in the first half. AVC ended the first 20 minutes with a 53-42 advantage after Vikings guard Vilela made a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Score Barstow

Five players for AVC in double figures.

The fifth top scoring team in the State of California rolls into the Antelope Valley College tonight at 7 p.m..  Barstow College is scoring an average of 89.2 points per game in comparison to AVC’s 77.9 #26th in the State.

On the other hand, AVC’s defense keeps its opponents scoring down to 67.0 ppg where as Barstow gives up 89.4 ppg, second worst in in the state.  Bottom line as usual, will good defense over come wide open scoring?

Both Barstow and Antelope Valley are far from being satisfied with their pre-season records with Barstow’s record at 7-9 and AVC’s at 10-10.

Massey’s Ratings has AVC a 10.5 point favorite tonight with AVC’s home court advantage and it’s defense keeping their opponents down to 67 ppg.  Should be a fun game!