Julian Payton

Huge underdog on the road, Antelope Valley College did an outstanding job of implementing their coaches game plan to NEAR perfection and with 6 second left on the clock,  led San Bernardino by three points.  SBV drove down the court and jacked up a desperate three point shot and missed.  However, AVC’s defender fouled the shooter with less than 2 seconds left and he cold bloodedly dropped in all three free throws to put the game into overtime.


San Bernardino team did not play anywhere near their best game after their long layoff and AVC’s unexpected game plan but,  had enough left to take advantage of the AVC foul with two seconds left.


D’Mauria Jones

SAN BERNARDINO – The Marauder men’s basketball team lost an overtime thriller to second seeded San Bernardino Valley, 87-81, and with it was removed from the playoffs Saturday night at San Bernardino Valley College.
D’Mauria Jones led AVC with 24 points, while teammate Julian Payton finished with 23.
The Marauders trailed 40-37 at halftime, but was able to send the game into overtime after outscoring the Wolverines, 34-31 in the second half.
SBVC opened the overtime with an 11-4 run to claim an 82-75 lead. Kevin McNeal made three free throws as time expired in regulation which sent the game into overtime.

Final…AVC 81 SBV. 87…0T

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With two seconds left in regulation, AVC LEADING BY 3, fouled a three point shooter. He made all three to put it into OT. SBV pulls out game in OT.

Halftime…AVC 40 SBV 37

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Half runs. 6 AVC…21… SBV 16.

bruteIf Vegas would be interested in these four games, they might take them off the board because the Brutes;  San Diego City, East Los Angeles, San Bernardino Valley, and Citrus have all the advantages.  All of them are well rested with a week off, are playing this game at home and are ranked in the top 10 in the State.  Vegas would give all of the Brutes a 20 to 30 point advantage tonight.

Add to that, their opponents the Fodder;  Long Beach City, Santiago Canyon, Antelope Valley and San Diego Miramar,  have some how scrapped their way into the second round with unexpected wins.  Lets use Antelope Valley College as an example.

AVC was never ranked by the Coaches Poll in the top 20 of the state this complete year. fodder They scrapped along to finish with barely a .500 record.  Somehow they upset their first round opponent on the road after a 200 mile bus trip.  They played all the top teams this year but, AVC looks to be the team that every top team wants to play in the second round of the State Playoff.  Much the same with the other Fodder teams.

Long Beach verses San Diego City

Santiago Canyon verses East Lost Angeles

Antelope Valley verses San Bernardino

San Diego Miramar verses Citrus

If you are betting man…I’m not…this should be an “Over and Under” night for you.

Orange Empire Conference looked a lot this year like the now defunct powerhouse Foothill Conference by putting five teams into the state regional playoffs this year.  It was a tough night last night for the Empire last night losing three of their four games…two in overtime.  Orange Coast and Santiago Canyon are the only teams now left in the playoffs from the Orange Empire.

Riverside 75 verses Cerritos 76(triple OT)

Ventura 87 verses Copper Canyon 75(upset)

Allen Hancock 70 verses Fullerton 67(upset)(overtime)

Mt. San Jacinto 81 verses Orange Coast 84

Tough Night!!!






















In SoCal tonight, there are four JUCO playoff games that will move on four teams that will play in the  the sweet 16 teams.  On the other hand, four more teams will be heading home and thinking about next year.

  1. Riverside verses Cerritos
  2. Ventura verse Copper Canyon
  3. Allen Hancock verses Fullerton
  4. Mt. San Jacinto verses Orange Coast

In the past years my JUCO fan friends had lots of fun predicting who would win these play off games and guess what, we weren’t very good at it at all so no more of that.  Cerritos, Copper Canyon, Fullerton and Orange Coast all are playing at home and  are favorites.  For some reason I have a feeling that there will be one upset tonight…won’t tell you who I think it will be.

Just like last Wednesday’s round 1 play-ins where there was an upset;  AVC upset Cuesta on the road.  Now their reward is to take on San Bernardino on the road.  Should be a fun night.


Coming off a very satisfying upset playoff win on road last evening against Cuesta College, the AVC team was  back on the court at 4 p.m..  Arriving back at 1 a.m. in Antelope Valley, the alarm clock went off way too early for most of the players as they headed back to class.

Now the AVC team is preparing for the second round of the playoffs against San Bernardino Valley College on the road.  Many JUCO experts feel that San Bernardino may be the best team in the state based on their balance, size and talent.  Three 6’8″ or better big men, solid at the wing and ball handling at the point.  One of the best defensive teams  I have seen this year.   Add to that, San Bernardino is one of the best shooting teams in the state and is a bit hot right now;  13 straight wins and 9-0 at home this year.

Massey Rankings does not put out its predictions  on playoff games but my guess unranked AVC would be a 25-30 point underdog in this game.

On the other hand, AVC was a underdog last night as well.