imageAs the hard core basketball fans of the Antelope Valley College men’s team headed to their practice last evening, they saw a very tall man heading the same way.  Very tall. He was with two other tall men and I must admit our heart may have skipped a beat thinking first are these our players who are late for practice or are these next year’s players checking in early!

Instead, it was NBA’s Dewayne Dedmon, 7’0”, 255 now starting for the San Antonio Spurs and two of his former teammates at AVC, Edwin Herrera and Jason Logan.  Dedmon flew home over the all star break to visit family and his long time friends.  Of course  to give a boost to AVC’s team in the playoffs. 

Its been one crazy year for the AVC basketball season as both the men’s and women’s team are playing in the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday;  Men at home at 7 pm against Santa Monica and the Women at Long Beach City.  Both teams want more than the first round as the article from the Antelope Valley Press documents. 

AVC men, women get set for playoffs Wednesday

As the Antelope Valley College basketball men put up a road map (Route 66) on the Marauder Gym scoreboard against Glendale in the first half Saturday night, Marauder Nation got downright jiggy with it.

With the Maroon and Gray up 66-29 at halftime, there were various chants of "TA-COS! TA-COS!," along with "BIG MACS, BIG MACS!" as though a Lakers or JetHawks game had broken out.

"If Newton were here, he could probably take care of them," wryly noted AVC Coach John Taylor, referring to the namsake of Marauder Gym’s Newton Chelette Court.

Alas, Chelette had to leave to coach his own Paraclete team.

The mischievous twinkle in Taylor’s eye wasn’t just about AVC’s irrepressible Hall of Fame coach.

The only Southern California coach to lead both men’s and women’s teams to the State Final Four has something even more appetizing than tacos or Big Macs in mind.

Say, a surprisingly long run in the State Tournament?

"We’ve had teams that had great seasons, and then we ran into a hot team in the tournament and it was over," Taylor said. "This year, we may just be that hot team in March."

It tells you the enormity of the cultural revolution Chelette and Taylor have wrought that a 19-10, co-championship of the Mountain State East Division season has some Marauder spoils ready to throw it back.

It’s the first time Taylor hasn’t won 20 games since 2010-11, when he tried to coach the Marauder men’s and women’s teams in the same season.

Maintaining intensity was a season-long issue. The Marauders sleepwalked through a loss to Barstow and often made overmatched opponents maddeningly competitive.

But Saturday made up for all of that. AVC hung 116 on GCC, the most points scored in 18 years and topped only by the 120 rung up one night in 1995.

It earned AVC a home date in the first round Wednesday night against Santa Monica.

Bring your tacos and Big Macs.

Santa Monica has a special place in modern Marauder lore.

It’s sort of like the place the docking of the Hindenburg has in aviation history.

Chelette’s seventh AVC team would have been the first in 32 years to reach the State Elite Eight were it not for three blind mice in striped shirts who instead authored a tutorial on officiating malfeasance.

As highlight videos go, the Zapruder Film was more believable.

That loss drove AVC to a 33-win season and the State Eight a year later.

Three more AVC men’s teams have made that journey since, including Taylor’s 2013-14 squad.

Monday confirmed just how special Saturday’s Sophomore Night truly was.

Coach Barry Green’s Marauder women also earned a playoff berth, at Long Beach City, on Wednesday night.

A season that began 4-10 ended with share of the MSC East title, and an 11-3 run.

It was a year the ladies could have bagged and tagged early, and forgotten about.

But they refused to.

And their defiance has made them anything but a comfortable opponent as the only part of any basketball season that is remembered gets set to unfold.

This Marauder playoff season, on both sides, looks like one that could build up an appetite.

No wonder Marauder Nation was having so much fun clearing its throats.

Lets have a big raucous crowd Wednesday.

image.  AVC will be taking on an always pesky and talented Santa Monica College at AVC.  No complaints on as the schedule as Antelope Valley did not play any where near their capability most of their last 10 games(conference season).  Now they must win the tough way.  If AVC decides to play the way they did against Glendale on Saturday it doesn’t matter who or where they play…they will win. 

The Rating Percentage Index, commonly known as the RPI, is a quantity used to rank sports teams based upon a team’s wins and losses and its strength of schedule.

If the RPI was the only information at the playoff team took into consideration…it is not…the following 20 teams would be in the JUCO playoffs.  The teams in red, 13-20 would play the round one on Wednesday, February 22, 2016.  Teams in black(5-12) would play each other on Friday night February 24.  Teams in green(1-4) would play the winners of round one on Saturday. 

The RPI’s of the of Southern California JUCO teams at the end of the season are:

Team Non-Conference  
  Record Win % RPI
1. Saddleback 14-2 0.875 0.651
2. EC-Compton Center 17-3 0.850 0.646
3. Fullerton 11-5 0.688 0.639
4. San Bernardino 15-5 0.750 0.623
5. San Diego 16-5 0.762 0.623
6. Cerritos 14-3 0.824 0.608
7. Citrus 15-4 0.789 0.605
8. Antelope Valley 13-6 0.684 0.598
9. Mt. San Jacinto 14-8 0.636 0.598
10. Chaffey 14-6 0.700 0.596
11. East Los Angeles 13-4 0.765 0.591
12. Riverside 13-4 0.765 0.584
13. Mt. San Antonio 10-7 0.588 0.581
14. Bakersfield 13-8 0.619 0.553
15. San Diego Miramar 14-5 0.737 0.544
16. West LA 11-7 0.611 0.539
17. Canyons 10-10 0.500 0.537
18. Irvine Valley 9-6 0.600 0.536
19. Grossmont 8-9 0.471 0.533
20. Ventura 9-10 0.474 0.533

“This is the team that I was expecting all year.” said head coach John Taylor.  AVC is big, talented and at least till now, soooo inconsistent especially in defensive energy.  Could it be that this team now decided its playoff time and it must win or they are done?

The group that decides on the playoff teams and their schedule meets on Monday and we will find out who where AVC fits.  Stay tuned. 

AV College men explode on offense

By: Brian Golden

LANCASTER – Attorneys should only make the kind of closing argument the Antelope Valley College basketball men did Saturday.

Demonstrating their maddening inability to maintain intensity this season was the exception, rather than the rule, the Marauders raced to a 60-29 halftime lead and went on to 116-74 blowout of Glendale College on Newton Chelette Court at Marauder Gym.

AVC (5-4, 18-10) didn’t get tacos for the program’s biggest scoring outburst in 19 years, and highest since putting up 120 in the 1994-95 season.

They did make the case they’re the best 5-4 conference team in Southern California and worthy of a ticket to the playoffs beginning next week.

The home uniforms could have read "ACE," rather than AVC, as sophomore center Antone Warren scored a career-high 24 points. With 12 rebounds and six dunks that had Marauder Gym roaring, he took a shot at his first AVC triple-double.

Seven Marauders scored in double figures, including D’Mauria Jones (18), Reggie Byers and Jalen Gill (15), Cory Dollarhide (13) Osi Nwachukwu (12) and Scooter Hall (11).

AVC’s relentless press and trap forced 20 first-half Glendale turnovers, triggering 25 Marauder points.

Gill’s driving layup seesawed AVC In front 10-9 with 16:20 to play in the first half. The Marauders would not trail again.

The Vaqueros (3-7, 13-14) were held scoreless for stretches of four minutes and 5:23 in the first half.

A 42-11 surge by AVC made it 50-30 with 5:32 left in the first half.

Serigne Athj, Glendale’s top scorer at 20 points per game, collected three early fouls and watched most of the blowout from the bench.

Athj and Dom Gullu shared GCC scoring honors with 18 points each.

AVC will find out its playoff fate after seedings are announced Monday.

Final AVC 116 Glendale 74

Posted: February 18, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

The score says it all.

AVC CAME to play!