Anthony Evans, Head Coach


Louis Rowe, Assistant Coach

With 18 days till AVC’s first game, it was a Sunday practice and Head Coach Anthony Evans and Assistant Coach Louis Rowe from D-1 Florida International University dedicated a greater part of a weekend flying round-trip cross country recruiting Antelope Valley College player(s).  draper4Then a red-eye flight back to Florida and practice at their University on Monday.  Any question on how much this University is serious about AVC’s talent?

Coaches Evans and Rowe are very familiar with the quality of AVC’s talent as they brought Daviyon Draper from AVC this summer and are really happy with what he brings to their already talented team. 

Interesting watching this relationship grow. 

Shelton boykin driveDShelton boykin shotrilling NBA 3-balls, playing shut down defense, vacuuming up the rebounds, AVC’s Shelton Boykiin is prowling in the paint.  He is ready for the season to start. 

The D-1 universities keep proving how little I know about recruiting.   Another conference was in town. 

D-1 Cal State Bakersfield University rolled into the recruiting scrum at AVC.  Joining a big group of fans at the AVC public practice, Assistant Coach Mark Hsu watched the inter-squad scrimmage, three point shooting and dunk contest.    Coach Hsu is in his second season with the Roadrunners basketball program.

With 10 talented sophomores on the team, there is interest by many D-1 universities across the depth of the team . 

There was a looong conversation going on after the practice.  Serious conversation.  With all of the opportunities available for AVC players, its key for them to remember the magic number 2.5 GPA.  It’s the academics baby!  The rest of it will all fall into place.

Season Must Be Close!

Posted: October 19, 2014 in AVC Men's Basketball

AVC goes on its 6 a week pracrice schedule.

team goofAll of the hard work from the coaching staff and basketball players showed up last evening in AVC’s “open practice.”  With a good base of fans in attendance, the evening started with the women’s volley ball game against West Los Angeles.  The nearly all freshman team in less than an hour rolled over WLA in three sets in an important win in the conference play to hang on to first place.

Starting nearly an hour earlier than expected, the AVC men’s basketball team put on a show for their fans who were still coming in after the one hour open practice ended.  Another surprise was the WAC conference…D-1 Cal State Bakersfield…showed up to recruit as well. 

After the team warmed up, they played for their fans, starting out with Maroon verses White minni-scrimmage.  The white team exploded out of the blocks and and took a 10-2 lead over the proposed starters on the maroon team.  When the second 10 players rotated on the floor, things tightened up a bit with the white team upsetting the maroon by a couple.  That kind of team depth is a great sign for AVC this season.

Next, came the 3-point shooting contest.  In the end, freshman Brandon Wade pulled out a win in three rounds over sophomore Adrian Francis. 

Finally, the dunk contest kicked into gear with a couple of sophomores battling it out in the end with Brandon Ruffin squeaking by Lawrence White. 

It was a fun night for all and I have a feeling that the coaching staff will have a few things they took from the scrimmage that will end up being a “teaching moment” for the team. 

I was asked by a fan as the practice came to an end, “Do the players always have that much fun?”  I had to answer “Pretty much so.” “This is an happy team.”


With less than three weeks, the 15 above players currently are moving toward being named the AVC Basketball Team for the 2014-15 year.  The Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team will hold an open public workout Friday night in Marauder Gym.  The session will take place after the AVC women’s volleyball team plays West L.A. at 6 p.m..

The players from left to right are; 

  1. Rollland Pearsall, 5’11” 190, Sophomore
  2. Ismail Ali, 6’1”, 175, Sophomore
  3. Izayah Doyle, 6’5”, 195, Freshman
  4. Brandon Ruffin, 6’3”, 165, Sophomore
  5. Brandon Wade, 6’3”, 185, Freshman
  6. Lawrence White, 6’3”, 190, Sophomore
  7. Tajee Shaw, 6’5”, 235, Sophomore
  8. Aaron Jones, 6’9”, 235, Freshman
  9. Josh Wade, 6’6”, 190, Freshman
  10. Shelton Boykin, 6’6”, 215, Sophomore
  11. Kamal Holder, 6’4” 200, Sophomore
  12. Julius Bilbrew, 6’3”, 175, Sophomore
  13. Tim Gilmore, 6’3”, 195, Sophomore
  14. K.J. Moffitt, 6’2”, 175, Freshman
  15. Adrian Francis, 6’1”, 185, Sophomore

Join the team, I think you will be impressed!

AVC’s talent this year has brought some of the best universities in the United States into the recruiting picture.  Very infrequently, will a CalJUCO  team get that many top recruiters looking at team practices and recruiting multiple players.   Of course the main reason the recruiters are there is basketball talent but it is also because the Antelope Valley College basketball program has become known for the academics they expect from their basketball players.   To be candid, many top basketball universities who are also known for their academic prowess, don’t bother with most CalJUCO teams. 

I was asked by several player parents if I could research the top graduation rates of universities in the United States.  There are two entities that rank Universities…the NCAA and the Federal Ranking Service.  The following website NCAA Graduation Rates gives  a lot of information about graduation based on sport, ethnicity etc.

AVN_1136A Syracuse University article gives the actual list of graduation rates for D-1 universities with the most up to date info, 2013.  Interestingly, the West Coast Conference(WCC) dominates the Western United States in graduation rates.  Looks like they are the “Ivy League of the West”" with Loyola Marymount University with the highest graduation rate of all D-1 universities in the West for year 2013. 

With that background in mind, even though I thought the recruiting visits had come to an end, not so.  Loyola Marymount University(LMU) Assistant Coach John Peterson Jr. visited a busy practice at AVC.  He was very interested observer.  He found a comfortable spot to watch the goings on.  Although the practice was not one of the best the AVC team had put forward, I believe Coach Peterson got a look at what he came for.  A special thanks to Coach Peterson and all of the coaches that took the time to visit and recruit AVC players this year.   

Nineteen days till AVC plays its first game of the pre-conference season against Moorpark, at Ventura College, November 6, 2014, 5 p.m..