Even though we only drove 250 miles today from Galveston, Texas to bayou country of Louisiana, New Iberia, we did a double drive-by of two universities that are on the upswing in D-1 college basketball;  Lamar University in Beaumont, Tx and the University of Louisiana, Lafayeffe, the “Ragin’ Cajons.”

imageWonder if the great food we had tonight in the bayou’s tonight helps the players on their basketball skills?   Gumbo with shrimp, crab, and crawfish! 

Need a bib to eat this food!  Into New Orleans tomorrow!

Ryan wright1When you take a year off from the game at the college level it takes time to get it all back.  You can get in shape rapidly with hard work but it’s the touch around the basket, the automatic reads, and just the small things that make the difference between a good basketball player and a star.  Ryan is making great progress on the “touch” part. 

I expect Ryan will improve every practice until the start of the pre-conference season.  Then expect even greater improvement during that 15 game “season.”  With continuing intense work, watch out for Ryan when AVC hits conference.  


20150928_061913We left Laredo just as the sun was coming up and within minutes were out in the hills of Texas.  The deer were behind the tall fences along the two lines Hiway munching on the thick grass.  We drove thru a number of small rural towns and as we got closer to the third largest city in the United States, Houston, the traffic got thicker and thicker.20151001_190128

Like the rest of Texas Houston’s growth is exposing.  That is why Houston passed Chicago in population.  Strong growth and business politicians.  Want to work? Come to Texas.

We ended up on Galveston Island at about 230 pm and took a nice nap and then a long walk in old town and then some of the best food we have had on he trip;  a fresh white, Basso, and shrimp.  Eating and watching the sun set over the water.

A great day.  We saw so many new things especially on the back roads of Texas and on the Gulf of Mexico.

After two years at Antelope Valley College, it was a tough choice for shooting guard Tim Gilmore.  He had to decide whether to choose an out of state university over offers from local Cali universities.  He had never been away from home for any great period of time before but he was very impressed with the coaching staff, facilities and offer from Texas A&M International.  He is glad he made the decision to join them.

He is taking 15 units and is doing extremely well(not surprising…Dean’simage List Student) and is enjoying his experience with the TAMIU basketball team.  He called the team intense and talented and can’t wait for the first game of the season.

A special thanks to head coach Brian Weakley for allowing us to tour the gymnasium and campus.  Looks like a great basketball and learning environment for college students. 


Tim was very hungry after his workout and so it was tough to get a photo without him eating.  LOL

The trip from San Angelo to Laredo, Texas was on two lane highways that you definitely need a GPS to find your way.  About a 350 mile drive.

We drove on to the campus of Texas A&M International and nearly had a accident as a green meadow in the middle of the campus was home to a herd of deer.  It was a beautiful sight. They were completely relaxed on the campus and there was no fear of the students of even the cars. 

More on our basketball visit tomorrow. 

imageLibby and I met with College President, Doctor Brian J. imageMay, Head Coach Cinco Boone and Assistant Coach David Lewis today on our tour of Angelo State University.  They were all very happy with their recruitment of AVC player Shelton Boykin.  Shelton is doing very well at Angelo State’s academic program and I expect some exceptional things from that pairing(Boykin and San Angelo). 

The coaching staff is looking forward to their trip to Las Vegas Nevada this December where they will be playing Drury University, the home of another AVC player, Lucciano Gamiz. 

The San Angelo team is leaving this weekend for a retreat in New Mexico on a Ranch where they will be doing team building.  The players are looking forward to this trip.  San Angelo made it to the sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament last year and they believe that they can make it further with the new talent they have put together. 

We enjoyed our visit with Shelton today and seeing in person what looks to be a very talented team Angelo State University has put together.


A special thanks to all of the college staff that treated us so well at Angelo State University.  

Visiting Angelo State U

Posted: September 29, 2015 in AVC Men's Basketball


What a setup for a D-2 facility!  Looks like Shelton Boykin has put on at least 15 pounds of muscle.  More later.