imageFor you readers who do not have any grand kids who watch cartoons, Mike the Knight is a hero with many friends including two dragons and an argumentative horse.  Mike always wins in the end…that why he is a hero. 

AVC’s Mike Scott is entering his senior year at D-1 University of Idaho.  Not only do I predict that Mike Scott will be the star point guard for Idaho again this year but here’s the rest on a note from Mr. Scott:

IMG_20140831_192542[1]The team is looking great!  I expect this will be a breakout year.  My teammates have really given me a boost by voting me team captain!  This is a year that I am really looking forward to.

Keep a close eye on Mike Scott and the University of Idaho in their new conference. 

P.S. Did you notice that hero’s have new hair doo’s? From the 60’s “cool baby.”

He is faster than a speeding bullet.  He can jump higher than red kangaroo(World fastest jumper).  Who is he?  Keep reading this AVC fan Website to find out!

mystery man

FloridaPay back from Florida?  With AVC’s Daviyon Draper headed for Florida International University with a D-1 scholarship and AVC’s Dewayne Dedmon playing NBA basketball with the Orlando Magic, finally Florida reciprocates.  Lavius Rosemond, 6’4”, 198 graduated from Ocoee High School located in Ocoee, Florida, 12 miles west of Orlando. 

“Florida” graduated in 2013 and was the captain of his team.  He scored 12.7 ppg, had 2.3 apg, 5.1 rpg and 1.7 spg.  He was ranked by the Orlando Sentinel in the top 16 players in the greater Orlando area. 

Lavius will be majoring in Communications and is looking to get an AA degree and ultimately a four year degree at a D-1 university.  He wants to play basketball at the highest level possible. 

As you can see, Rosemond likes the weight room and is a very strong young man. Early evaluations shows an excellent mid-range shot.  He wants to work on is his ball handling and defensive skills.

“Florida” looks like he will fit in very well with this year’s team.  He is learning the rules and regulations of AVC’s academic expectations and was last seen heading out to the track with the rest of the team after the two hour basketball class. 

This is the first of nine updates about the players from AVC that have full scholarships at the University level.

poDwan Caldwell is entering his senior year at D-1 Tennessee Tech University.  Dwan sent the following message: 

The foot I had surgery on after last season is about 90%. I have added range to my shot over the summer and expect a few open 3’s this year.  I am in the best shape of my life!  We have a great group of guys this year!  I think we are going to make a big splash.  We will be playing USC at USC on November 17, 2014.  My first “home game” and it will be fun playing in front of a big group of family and friend.”

Dwan Caldwell has come a long way from the time he was working the night shift at Walmart and playing playground basketball. 

Basketball class had just ended and Coaches’ Taylor, Rios, and Fraiser were up in front of the sweating mass AVC college basketball players waiting to head to the weight room.  Each player was called up to go over their class list to verify what classes they were taking.  Required paperwork was being handed out to the players and the experienced sophomores were heading off into corners of the gym to work one on one with the new freshmen on the paperwork.  Leadership is more than just knowing the 40 basketball plays.

And from the milling crowd comes:

“Hey Coach, I am going to add English III to my load this semester.  Will that help me qualify for more Universities?” 

“This is the first team I’ve ever been on that I’m not the best player.”

“I have professor …. for one of the classes.” “Is she good?”  “She is the best as she makes the subject easy to understand.” 

“Is it true that one of last year’s players is going to have to red shirt because he didn’t do his grades?”  “Yep.”   “Damn!”

“Hey Coach, …. University is really really turning it up.” “Got about 12 letters from them already.”  “Coaches call a lot too.”  “Enjoy it young man, but you have a whole lot D-1 schools who want you.” “Keep an open mind.”  “How about ….?”

“No more sleeping in class?”  “Aw come on coach.””That won’t happen again. 



Please guys, remember you have to have a 2.5 GPA, an AA degree and it is soooo much easier if you do well academically in both years at AVC.  The academic work that wing Daviyon Draper 6’7”, 225 had to put in to reach that magic number 2.5 in his sophomore year was herculean.  The support he received from his team mates, coaching staff and the professorial team was outstanding.  They never gave up on Draper and he signed with D-1 Florida International University today.  Daviyon will be playing in the USA Conference the next two years. 

Draper had  many D-1 universities who offered a scholarship.  draper dunk2However, only FIU had the patience to hang in this late and save a scholarship for Draper.  Prediction;  Florida International U will be very happy that they did.  Draper is a difference maker.

Finally, congratulations to the Antelope Valley College coaching staff on placing all of their sophomores with University scholarships.   A great pick for Florida International University. 


DSC_0017Mike Chavers graduated from Locke High School in 2014.  The 6’4”, 180 SF was the captain of the basketball team and put in 18 PPG and pulled down 4.9 RPG.  A team leader in his senior year at Locke he is finding that nearly all of the players at elite JUCO’s like Antelope Valley College were the best players on their high school teams as well.

Another major change for many high school players is the intense emphasis that AVC put on academics.  “No grades no playing time” is foreign to many players.   Mike knows however that a college degree will be a key to success once his competitive basketball days come to an end.  

Chavers decided to join the AVC team as he wants to play basketball at the university level.  He knows that he is going to have to improve his game in the area’s of ball handling, strength and shooting to get playing time this year on the sophomore laden team. 

Tough young man who knows that things worth having never come easy.