imageThe 12 team Big Sky conference(Heart of the American West) will be aggressively recruiting in SoCal to boost their talent pool. 

The University of Idaho’s Tim Murphy watched a high energy basketball class at AVC.  Currently, U of Idaho’s basketball team is being  led by AVC’s Mike Scott at point guard.   

There is something about having a D-1 coach in in the house that seems to “stimulate” the players. 

Julius pass

Its been a year since Julius played college basketball.  He is ready. 

josh wadeJosh Wade is a special basketball player.  He graduated from Sylmar High School in 2013 but was not eligible to play basketball at the University level due to grades.  Before Wade’s grade issue, he was one of the most highly recruited high-major D-1 players in California.

Fullcourt Press says in 2012:

Josh Wade 6’6” 2013 Sylmar (Sylmar CA)

Last Sunday was my first look at Wade and I definitely liked what I saw! While still raw in many ways offensively, Wade is a high-major athlete with a strong motor and has the agility to get out on the break and finish with authority. Was ineligible as a junior at Sylmar after transferring there last Fall from the Palmdale area. Best prospect at Sylmar since Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA/Sacramento Kings).

Josh took the 2013-14 year off to get his mind and life together.  He decided this past spring that he josh 3was ready to step back into the world of college basketball.  He actively began recruiting the coaching staff at Antelope Valley College to allow him to join the team.  Coach Taylor set some very strict rules that Josh had to live by.  Recently Wade completed all of the requirements and he was accepted on the team.

His next challenge was to be accepted by the talented group of sophomores that makes up the AVC team this year.  They won’t accept slackers.  He is playing with college players with 3.8 GPA’s and taking up to 22 units with a D-1 universities asking to set up visits.  It will be a cxhallenge for Josh. 

Josh will be majoring in Criminal Justice at AVC. 

Josh is one of the most physically talented players to join AVC.  Only time will tell how well he will use his talents and turn up his energy on academics. 


I was a manager for most of my career.  One thing I always tried to do was minimize the impact of politics on the people in the organization. 

Two managers in the Ventura School decided to put their personal politics above the good of the students.  If your interested, I looked at the ratings of the schools in the Ventura School district guess what?  There are a number of schools that are ranked at 2 or 3 out of 10 in how they are doing. Yep, lots of work to do to make sure the kids get a good education. 

Instead, the dynamic duo are spending their time and energy on turning down fiscal help for their school district.  I cannot say it any better than William Warford from a writer for the Antelope Valley Press.  By the way he is a fulltime public school teacher as well as a writer for the news paper.

Doesn’t inclusive mean you include everyone?

Like most of us, I’ve always had a strong dislike for people who hurt kids, but it is especially appalling when kids are hurt because of adults’ self-centered, self-righteous, political reasons.

On Friday, the same day my column suggested that people lighten up on these politically driven boycotts, the story hit the news about a fellow in Ventura named Val Wyatt.

He is the principal of Ventura High School, and he banned Chick-fil-A from offering sandwiches at Back to School Night because he doesn’t like the restaurant owner’s position against same-sex marriage.

The chain had already donated $21,000 to the school, and planned to donate 200 meals to the football booster club to sell at the event.

According to the Ventura County Star, Wyatt said, “With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus.”

The principal was echoed by Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Trudy Tuttle Arriaga, who said, “We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus and all of our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission.”

Uh, no, actually you don’t. You don’t value inclusivity or diversity. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are exclusive – you exclude anyone who doesn’t share your views.

Anyone who doesn’t see things your way – and in this case holds a view held by President Barack Obama well into his first term – must be banished.

Hmm, I wonder if they would have banned the president in 2009?

You know who has a store that sells Chick-fil-A? New York University, in Manhattan. In Washington Square, five blocks away from the Stonewall Bar in Greenwich Village, the birthplace of the gay rights movement.

I’d think if the company can survive on the NYU campus, Ventura High School students can survive having funds raised on their behalf by selling it.

So who suffers as a result of the ban? Not Chick-fil-A. It just saved a few thousand dollars.

The ones who suffer are the kids – the football players who don’t benefit from the booster club money, and the rest of the kids who see adults being closed-minded and bigoted toward people who don’t see the world exactly the same as they do.

What hypocrites.

Why should a restaurant’s position on same-sex marriage offend anyone? I don’t agree with many, if any, of the political positions held by Ben and Jerry, but if their ice cream were being sold to raise funds for my school I’d be among the first in line. This is lunacy.

These sort of things just keep happening – it started on the college campuses about 20 or 25 years ago with the left banning or shouting down speakers they didn’t like – and most people stood by, shrugged their shoulders, and shook their heads.

It’s time to stop standing by and shrugging. And – to be clear – this sort of intolerance is just as unacceptable when it comes from the right. Leave politics aside once in a while.

This Ventura case seems to me the perfect occasion for civil disobedience.

The booster club should tell the principal to pound sand, and just bring the sandwiches in. What are they going to do, call the cops and have them arrested for selling sandwiches? Disband the booster club?

If the people running the school are that dictatorial and hate-filled, then your kids are better off at another school.

Preferably a private school, where people tend to be more open-minded and tolerant than at Ventura High School.

William P. Warford’s column appears each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

If the people of Ventura do not fire, yes fire these two, they aren’t doing their job for their kids.  P.S.  I’ve never eaten at a Chick-fil-A but I hear they are going open here in the next couple of months.  I definitely will eat there as they might just support the fund raising for the AVC basketball team!

Thank you DR in CA for your assistance in getting the complete schedule for the Fall Shootout.  Here is AVC’s schedule;

Saturday  2:25  Palomar verses AVC

Saturday  4:35  Saddleback verses AVC

Sunday    3:35  Riverside verses AVC

Sunday     5:45  San Bernardino verses AVC





The above information is draft info from DR in CA for the Friday evening start of the Fall Shootout at Cerritos College.  The number of JUCO’s playing in the shootout was so large that the days had to be extended to a third day.  Thanks DR for the info. 

AVC Will not be playing on the Friday kickoff and the Saturday and Sunday schedule has not yet released. 


The real world is not easy.  One would like to say that if you do the right thing all will be well but that is not life.  As we cheer on the the successful young men at Antelope Valley College who will, are and have played basketball, there are those that the road to success is often a rough with lots of ups and downs and detours . 

I communicated with Nick Bennett an AVC graduate who received a full ride to D-2 Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD.  He was injured and played little for Augustana.  He then took a year away from college and basketball and then received another full ride to NAIA Benedictine University last year where he started at the two guard position and had a great basketball year.  Nick let me know that he is no longer at Benedictine but at home due to family issues and is currently working.  I am hopeful that Nick will get these issues behind him and finish up his degree.  Best of luck to Nick.

In all of the years I have been covering AVC basketball, I was never aware of any AVC player who accepted a partial scholarship offer.  Luckily, the many AVC players that went to the next level have received a full ride scholarships.  This year, AVC’s Tim Johnson, a transfer in from Santa Monica JC, headed off on a partial scholarship to D-2 Texas A & M International.  It didn’t take Tim long to see that he was going to have take out student loans to cover his total expenses of his education.  A shock to Tim.  He has decided to leave college and re-think what direction he is going with his life.  We are hopeful that Tim will take this time to make the right decision on where he is going.

I had a talk the other day with Ryan Wright who had a good basketball year as freshman for AVC last year.  Ryan was recruited out of high school to D-2 Chico State.  He did not play for Chico due to his lack of grades and he decided he would head back home to the Antelope Valley and “get his act together” at Antelope Valley College.  Ryan unfortunately was not able to meet the standards academically that AVC sets for its student athletes.   According to Ryan, he is going to work hard this year academically at AVC and rejoin the team next year. 

As I said before, the real world is not easy.  Making the right decisions and with a little luck, those who wander off the path can be put right.  Take advantage of that special talent you have in basketball.  So few have it.