It’s a crazy time of the year for basketball at all levels.  The news coming out about all of the coaches being fired draws a lot of interest but will a  new coach really make a lot of difference at Arizona State, Henderson State, and maybe Fullerton JC?  

How about looking back over the past three years when UCLA, USC, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez. fired their coaches.  I know some of my readers will cry out, “They haven’t had enough time yet!”  That is true for Cal State LA and Cal State Dominguez but patience will not run long for the rest. 

UCLA 22-13 Sweet 16
USC 12-20 Record speaks for itself
CS Northridge 9-24 Record speaks for itself
CS Fullerton 9-22 Record speaks for itself
CS LA 10-16 Too early to tell
CS Dominguez 7-21 Too early to tell

Wonder how this will affect JUCO star Gerry Blakes entering his senior year?

No changes in basketball rules?(Last BB Fan watching a typical college basketball game)


Changes in basketball rules! (One of huge numbers of BB fans who now have time to improve the economy at a fine restaurant after watching a fast and exciting college basketball game.)


Been getting notes and calls saying Fullerton Community College has fired their head coach because of a 4-23 record.    Did some research on the situation and this is what I have found. 

Fullerton’s head coach was part-time and now Fullerton is looking for a full time Men’s Head Coach for its basketball program. The position was opened to all comers.  The salary is listed as $56,764-$85,940.  Of course most head coaches increase this salary by teaching a number of additional classes. 

I expect that a larger number of assistant coaches from top JUCO programs have applied, there will be multiple assistant coaches from D-2 and definitely D-1 universities who are sick and tired of recruiting travel.  For example, Moorpark College hired a full time assistant coach from a D-2 college,  Gerred Link who led his team to a 18-11 record in his first year.  Of course I would expect Coach Smith has applied as well. 

One additional point, you can’t fire a tenured JUCO head coach just because they are not successful coaches who don’t win and send their players to the next level.  For you folks who are saying, “WHAT?”  The key word is tenured.  It gets done in other ways like;  Close the program a year due to “critical financial issue or changing the head coach position to or from a full-time position.  There are many other ways as well.  Finally, at least half of the positions that are open are already “filled.”  What do I mean by this?  The AD, president, the elected board or even community/alumni involved with the program have their favorite.  Reality baby!

Should be a very interesting decision coming up. 

They rolled into the gym to say hello to the guys and coaching staff practicing for AVC. 

Joe Prince, 6’0”, 180 Highland High School graduate, 2012-13 backup point guard at AVC, stopped to say hello.  He  transferred in 2013-14 to Volunteer State JUCO in Tennessee, played a year and was not picked up on a scholarship.  He currently…2014-15…is finishing up two classes to finish his AA degree and is hoping to sign with a university scholarship this year.

zack passZack Hollis, 6’9”, 235 currently at D-1 Lamar University received a huge welcome from his former teammates when he visited practice.  Zack’s GPA at Drury is 3.5…about the same as it was at AVC.  Good to see Zack.  More on him later. 

Lucciano Gamiz 6’2” 185 two-guard, Quartz Hill and AVC grad now at D-2 Drury Lucc dribbleUniversity, was home for a last minute very short spring visit.  Lucc was starting early in the season at Drury and then fractured his foot.  When he was medically cleared to play, he was working his way back into playing shape and is looking forward to next year.  Lucciano, another Dean’s List guy, is blowing them away academically at Drury. 

Good to see our former player moving up.


The team scoring in the first two days, Wednesday/Thursday 18 games in the NCAA D-1 national tournament.  The scoring is based on winning score of the the game.

90 2 11%
80 2 11%
70 3 17%
60 6 33%
50 5 28%
Total 18 100%



30 second shooting clock tested in NIT Game

Taking the possible first steps in cutting back on the low scoring epidemic “grinder style” basketball, the NIT tested the 30 second shooting clock in the Stanford verses UC Davis game. 

It was difficult to tell if the clock increased the scoring( Stanford knocks off UC Davis 77-64) because of the difference in overall talent/size between the two teams and Davis’ difficulty in defending Stanford. 

The Antelope Valley Press  writer, Brian Golden had an interesting article on College basketball today.  He mentioned Antelope Valley College Marauders in his article:

“Such as, how did UCLA get into the NCAA Tournament?  Really?  A team with 13 losses? A team that went 2-8 on the road?  Since when is Affirmative Action part of the Selection Committee criteria?  Talk about March Madness.

Well, you can go ahead and talk about it.  I just don’t get college basketball anymore. I know the Marauders better than I know the Bruins.  That’s because they stick around twice as long as players in Westwood.”