We are less than 6 weeks away from the start of AVC’s basketball season.  It will take a few more weeks to get the schedule complete including brackets. 

What we do have are the dates and locations for the five pre-conference tournaments.  Pre-Conference Schedule 2014-15  Hope this will be helpful in planning for AVC’s fans. 

You may notice that we are not playing any single pre-conference games against our usual opponents, Chaffey and Compton.  This is because College of the Canyons joined the Western State South Conference and added two games to the Marauder’s schedule maximizing it out.  Gonna miss those games.  As soon as I am provided with the conplete information, I will post it on this site.

When I arrived home from the Fall Shootout, the following article was in the Antelope Valley Press.  The article really is excellent as it talks about the importance of JUCO college students getting serious about their academics as soon as they enter their freshman year and not leaving it to the last year.  The AVC academic and

and coaching staff did a phenomenal job in working with Drape in getting his academics done and of course Daviyon finally turned up the effort last year. 

I ran into assistant coach Louis Rowe from D-1 Florida International University at the Shootout who was raving about how happy they are at getting Draper.  Of course they are also working hard to pick up additional talent from AVC and time will tell on that issue.    

Draper signs with FIU

By: Eric Smith

LANCASTER – When Daviyon Draper was a freshman at Antelope Valley College back in October of 2012, he stopped in John Taylor’s office one afternoon for a quick chat.

Draper, who had yet to play a game, said he was struggling to get adjusted to life after high school. Taylor, AVC’s men’s basketball coach, advised Draper to stick things out.

Almost two years later, Draper’s patience was tested this summer. But once again, the 6-foot-7 Draper found a way to succeed.

“I just had to keep believing in myself,” said Draper, who recently accepted a scholarship to continue his career at Florida International University. “I’ve been working really hard and have waited for a while for this moment.

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Added Taylor: “Hard work will eventually pay off and now he’s able to live his dream and play Division I basketball.”

Draper led AVC in scoring as the Marauders went 27-5 and grabbed the top seed in Southern California, a season that attracted the eye of a handful of Division 1 colleges.

The 6-foot-7 Draper talked with Oregon State, Ohio, Gonzaga, Iona and FIU throughout the season, each of whom wanted the forward who averaged 14 points while playing just 21 minutes per night.

But because Draper still had a math and English class to finish up this summer, most of the high-profile programs couldn’t keep their interest through late August.

“This summer was hard,” said Draper, who passed each class. “But I had a lot of support from Coach Taylor and the coaching staff and my family. I just kept pushing toward my goal.

“I commend FIU for waiting on me and believing in me that I could get the grades. That just makes me want to play that much harder for the program.”

Taylor, who said Draper had 30 or 40 Division II schools waiting in the wings, was impressed with his commitment.

“There were several schools that liked him,” Taylor said. “And even though we always thought he would get it done, the schools couldn’t wait.”

With his academic challenges behind him, Draper is now focused on helping the Panthers work toward a Conference USA championship.

“I’m ready to get to work,” Draper said. “They’re in a good conference and it’s in Miami, which is a beautiful place.”

Draper said he’ll mainly be a guard at FIU, even though he mostly played forward for Taylor and the Marauders.

“The coaching staff is looking for me to play (at guard),” Draper said. “But I’ll just have to work hard to make sure I’m solid at that position.

“This will be a true test of my basketball skills and my game.”

Although Taylor admitted Draper sometimes played out of position at AVC, the coach knew he could always rely on Draper to be a team player.

“He did a really good job for us battling inside which isn’t really a strength of his,” Taylor said. “There were some games where he just grabbed some crucial rebounds.”

Draper said he will always cherish his time at AVC and credited the program for helping him mature as both a player and a person.

“I look at the game a little bit different,” Draper said. “I learned how to be a great teammate and small things like that.

“But I also met a lot of great people who really cared about me.”


Great employees get promoted.  That’s the way it should be.  It means more money, more status and hopefully more satisfaction.  But, how about those who are left behind?  Or can the coach with a new job really leave what he loved so much behind?

I will be upfront on how I feel about JUCO head coach trying to do more than one job.  I don’t like it.  It may work for a college that is satisfied with a mediocre program that send few it players on scholarship to the next level.  There is just too much for a head coach to do with another full time job. 

There are at least three teams who’s head coach has more than one job.  It will be worth-while to see how these three teams do this year.

Chaffey who’s boss has at least two jobs…he has a long time excellent assistant but it still may be tough.

Oxnard who’s head coach has at least three jobs.

Mt. San Jack who’s head coach has been kicked up stair and his assistant will be the interim head coach.  I would like to know how may reader feel about this. 

The following article came out in the Press Enterprise Newspaper.


Mt. San Jacinto men's basketball coach Patrick Springer is stepping down to spend more time to complete some critical projects as dean of the Physical Education and Athletics departments.



Mt. San Jacinto men’s basketball coach Patrick Springer is stepping down to spend more time to complete some critical projects as dean of the Physical Education and Athletics departments.


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After 11 seasons as men’s basketball coach at Mt. San Jacinto College, Patrick Springer is stepping down to focus on his position as dean of Physical Education and Athletics.

“In the best interest of the Physical Education and Athletic Departments, I think I would serve the institution best in a singular role for the 2014-15 academic year,” Springer wrote in a statement. “If we are able to complete some critical projects I haven’t ruled out returning as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach for 2015-16.”

Assistant coach Trent Skinner takes over on an interim basis.

The Eagles have reached the playoffs 10 times in Springer’s 11 seasons,even advancing to the Final Eight of the state tournament in 2011 and 2014. MSJC also won four conference titles, including three in the tough Foothill Conference. Last season MSJC won the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference title in its first season in the conference.

Springer’s record at MSJC is 242-101.

Best of luck coach Springer.  We are going to miss you.

Isayah DoyleIn the non-contact sport called basketball, AVC’s players came out of their four wins at the Fall Shootout in relatively good shape.

Isayah Doyle, 6’4”, 190 forward suffered a concussion in the San Bernardino Valley game when his legs were cut from under him and he did a 180 in the air and landed on his head as he played defense under the basket.  The concussion protocol went into place immediately and after a visit to hisTajeeDunk2 physician, he is out for at least a week.  He is undergoing his daily testing by the medical staff at AVC.  Isayah is now making fun of a scary situation by saying that he played football in high school and never came close to a concussion.

Another AVC forward, Tajee Shaw, 6’5”, 215, rolled an ankle and missed the final two games of AVC’s run through the Fall Shootout.  He was dressed for practice but had a very limited workout.  Therapy seems to working well on his injury.  Tooke

Darren Tooke,  6’3”, 170 sophomore 2-guard has been off with a concussion and a neck strain.  He has been cleared from the concussion but is still working on the neck strain.

Everyone is healing and looking forward to rejoining practice. 

The only place left in Los Angeles County with open space is the the Antelope Valley.Walsh, Tim  It maybe it’s the open space they are used to or just maybe it’s the elite basketball program that brings the coaches from the “Big Sky Conference.”  Tim Walsh, Assistant Coach in his sixth year at Idaho State University visited AVC looking for that talent to boost the Idaho State team.  With the Big Sky Conference adding some very competitive teams this year, top talent is key.

The practice was rough and tumble.  One might even say, a typical September JUCO workout.  The players enjoyed the visit and a possible look at their future.


“Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.”
Steve Maraboli,


When basketball practice ends;  Daddy Shelton Boykin teaching his daughter push ups.  What better pay back for responsibility than a big smile from your daughter.  Gotta be a great year!

The mountains and rolling hills of the Palouse country around Pullman, Washington, is the home of Washington State University from the PAC 12 Conference. 

imageAssistant Coach Curtis Allen from Washington State University flew in for a quick visit to Antelope Valley College.  With their new head coach Ernie Kent, WSU is looking for elite players who can run the floor, shoot the three, play shut down defense and of course with great grades!  Can you say, “Antelope Valley College?”

As you might expect, it was a spirited practice.  Well folks, that all I’m going to say for now.  Expect more later.