ali fliesIsmail Ali is the best JUCO point guard in California.  In the last two years here is his record as point guard;

2012-13    24-6 Senior Year – San Leandro HS

2013-14     27-5  Freshman Year – AVC

Overall       51-11  (Winning 84%)

His defense is outstanding.  He can score when ever he wishes.  He has great court vision and gets the ball to right guy at the right time.  He controls the game.  But what makes him the best is the intangible that he is a winner.  He demands it of himself and his teams.  They respond and believe. 

With Ali at the helm its gonna be another great year!


 Lawrence White, 6’4”, 200 2-guard/wing, 3.7 GPA lawrence White

boarded a plane for Southern Florida Thursday night   Following in the footsteps of AVC’s Daviyon Draper, “L” will be visiting D-1 Florida International University in Miami.  FIU, Conference USA member, is building a powerful basketball program since head Coach Evans arrived in 2013.

Anthony Evans, Head Coach

FIU is the largest university in South Florida, the 2nd-largest in Florida, and the 7th-largest in the United States.  Total enrollment in 2012 was 50,394 students, including 14,177 graduate students, and 2,974 full-time faculty with over 180,000 alumni around the world.  In 2012, FIU’s research expenditure was $104.6 million, with an endowment of $140 million.  The university has an annual budget of $1.07 billion. 

FIU has the lowest admissions rate amongst Florida public universities, making admissions into the university very competitive. Since 2007, more valedictorians from South Florida choose to attend FIU than any other university in the country.  As Miami’s public research university, competition to enroll at FIU has heightened as more students apply each year.

Looking forward to hearing about Lawrence’s visit. 

It really makes you wonder doesn’t it.  The NCAA requires JUCO Students to have an 2.5 or better GPA for two years in academic classes to be able to transfer to a D-1 school.  But they don’t bother to check whether student athletes are really taking classes at D-1? 

There should be a “death penalty” for U of North Carolina athletics and all three thousand students who took these classes should lose their degree…if they received it.  For the former department head and former office manager of the African and Afro-American Studies Department?  Jail time for fraud in stealing federal funding for any student on federal loans or grants.  Disgusting!!

Finally, any athletic awards…such as conference wins, NCAA tournament wins…should be pulled for all 18 years.  They did it to Ventura College when they were found them in severe non-compliance.  No questions asked.  Just do it. 

Worth watching the outcome on this major academic issue.

Probe: Athletes took fake classes at University of North Carolina

By Marti Maguire

RALEIGH N.C. Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:40pm

RALEIGH N.C. (Reuters) – More than 3,000 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received credit for fake classes over an 18-year period as part of a program that allowed many of them to remain eligible to play sports, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The investigation by former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein is the latest of several attempts to unravel allegations of academic fraud involving student-athletes at a university known for both its academic rigor and athletics.

"This is a very complex organization that needed oversight at every step of the way, and it didn’t exist," Wainstein said at a news conference following the report’s release. "It’s pretty shocking that it didn’t exist."

The report does not incriminate any coaches or athletic administrators in the scheme, which it said was carried out by a former department head and former office administrator within the African and Afro-American Studies department.

The "irregular classes" at UNC-Chapel Hill from 1993 to 2011 had no class attendance or faculty involvement, according to Wainstein’s independent investigation.

Student-athletes accounted for nearly half of enrollments in the irregular classes, the report found. Among the non-athletes, many were struggling students who were referred through academic support services.

Many of them were directed to the courses by counselors in the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes, the report said, with some counselors going so far as to provide rosters of athletes and the grades they needed to maintain eligibility.

Various personnel at the school were aware of red flags, yet did not ask questions, the report said.

"Mr. Wainstein has found that the wrongdoing at Carolina lasted much longer and affected more students than previously known," UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said in a statement.

"The bad actions of a few and the inaction of others failed the University’s students, faculty and alumni, and undermined the institution as a whole.

"This conduct could and should have been stopped much earlier by individuals in positions of influence and oversight, and others could have sounded the alarm more forcefully."

(Additional reporting by Steve Ginsburg in Washington; Editing by Jonathan Kaminsky, Eric Walsh and Sandra Maler

This year, I have met some of the most interesting D-1 basketball coaches who have spent time at Antelope Valley College.  They are so different in many ways and yet each one is the same in one special way;  An intense drive to succeed!  With the number of hours that these gentlemen put in and the battles they fight to overcome often built in obstacles, they are special people. 

Lawrence white1Head Coach Jim Les from UC Davis has personally visited twice this year and his staff two additional times.  Coach Les stopped in to talk to Lawrence White, 6’4”, 200, 2-guard/wing, 3.7 GPA who is heading off tomorrow on an official visit to Florida International University(more on that later.)  I am sure that Coach Les reiterated with Lawrence the opportunities and advantages of attending an UC etc. etc.  

One additional tid-bit of information, White will be making an official visit on the first weekend of November to UC Davis(more later). 

A special thanks to Coach Les for stopping in to AVC and offering opportunities to the hard working and talented players.


A special thanks to who Cal Lutheran JV agreed to step in after a team backed out in the last minute. 

imageWith professional basketball season starting, here is a quick update on a couple of Antelope Valley college players making a nice living playing “the game.” 

Dewayne Dedmon is with the NBA’s Orlando Magic and he probably read the same article I did that the Magic wants to do more running this year and be more up tempo.  That should be great news for Dedmon as he is one of the best big men in the NBA in running the floor. 

Reggie Arnold

Reggie Arnold, AVC’s two year starter, is starting his fourth year in the European league.  He played his first two years in Germany and currently is in his second year in Finland leading an elite pro team in scoring. 

Every time I talk to Reggie I think of the season that he led AVC to four straight wins in the Riverside Tournament each game I believe was won by one point.  AVC headed to the state tournament that year. 

Finally, the basketball players made me do it!  I downloaded Instagram last night.  Hopefully I can get my photo’s out easier with this new program.  My instagram handle is melgru23. 


Anthony Evans, Head Coach


Louis Rowe, Assistant Coach

With 18 days till AVC’s first game, it was a Sunday practice and Head Coach Anthony Evans and Assistant Coach Louis Rowe from D-1 Florida International University dedicated a greater part of a weekend flying round-trip cross country recruiting Antelope Valley College player(s).  draper4Then a red-eye flight back to Florida and practice at their University on Monday.  Any question on how much this University is serious about AVC’s talent?

Coaches Evans and Rowe are very familiar with the quality of AVC’s talent as they brought Daviyon Draper from AVC this summer and are really happy with what he brings to their already talented team. 

Interesting watching this relationship grow.